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“They Deserve Ukraine’s Help.” Kyiv Will Pull Out From Prisons in the Russian Federation Convicted of Anti-War Stance, Explains an Intelligence Official

The Ukrainian state project “I want to live”, which helps the Russian military to surrender, announced its new initiative. They want to help Russian political prisoners convicted for their anti-war position: to achieve their transfer to Ukraine.

“The “I want to live” project provides legal support, as well as other feasible assistance for the release of those who oppose the criminal war and dictatorship. We will initiate the transfer of such people to Ukraine (through exchange or other means) with the possibility of obtaining political asylum in Ukraine and in the countries of the European Union,” the appeal reads.

Relatives of political prisoners are offered to write to the project’s e-mail. How would this happen? Will they be changed? Why is Moscow doing this? And Kyiv? There are many questions. Their Present Time was assigned to the representative of the Ukrainian intelligence Andrey Yusov. Intelligence is involved in the “I want to live” project.

– There are many people on the territory of the Russian Federation who suffered for their anti-war position. They suffered for supporting Ukraine: they opposed the genocidal war of Putin’s Russia and received long, draconian, real terms. The world should not forget about them. These are people who are not afraid to express their civil position. And yes, Ukraine will try to return them.

– How is this possible?

– There are different tools: of course, information, human rights work. But including on the territory of Ukraine, a certain number of citizens of the Russian Federation, not military men, who have been convicted of crimes or are reasonably suspected of various kinds of crimes, are being held in custody. Ukraine also has collaborators, traitors who worked for Russia and whose guilt has been proven, and we can discuss the issue of their future fate. It is important that Russia is still little interested in their fate, but nevertheless, if we talk about the fact that there are people who spoke out for Ukraine and supported Ukraine, then Ukraine should support them.

It is important to emphasize that the need to return our prisoners of war and civilians who are illegally held in Russia and the protection of their rights remains a priority. And, of course, we are not talking about the exchange of Russian military occupiers, prisoners of war in Ukraine for Russian opposition citizens. But there are tools and mechanisms that will make it possible to actualize this issue and, I think, even solve it.

– The loudest names that come to mind are Vladimir Kara-Murza – he opposed the war, he was given 25 years. Ilya Yashin received eight and a half years in the case of “spreading fakes” about the Russian army. Conditionally, Kara-Murza in exchange for Metropolitan Pavel?

– It is important that we do not name specific names now. This is premature, especially if we are talking about Vladyka Pavel. There is no court decision and other necessary things yet.

– But there was no court decision regarding Medvedchuk either.

By the way, that’s a good example. But while Vladyka Pavel is not feeling well, he is being treated in the hospital. But, in principle, if a person worked for an aggressor state, then yes, we can consider various options. Once again: this issue, this initiative is new, and we cannot yet disclose and discuss many details. But nevertheless, Ukraine has the tools and is ready for non-standard, creative approaches. The story with Medvedchuk, among other things, demonstrated this in order to help those who helped Ukraine, and, in general, to help Ukrainian defenders and defenders, as well as civilians, return from Russian captivity. This is a complex big work, and Ukraine is ready for it and continues to carry it out.

– The main Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny. Did you discuss his last name?

– I can personally say my opinion that Alexei Navalny, of course, is an oppositionist and definitely a political prisoner, but he is not in jail because he supported Ukraine. We are talking about people who received terms and were convicted for anti-war speeches, for supporting Ukraine, against the Russian genocidal war by Putin’s Russia. I’m sorry, but Girkin doesn’t fit either.

– What will these Russians do in Ukraine if they can be pulled out?

“It is a question of the desire of free people. This may be political asylum or political asylum and transfer to a third country. I am convinced that many democratic countries of the free world, including European countries, will be ready to accept these people, these citizens.

– In my opinion, more than a day has passed since you announced this initiative. Has anyone already applied?

“A huge number of people applied.

– Really? What are they asking?

– We understand that in totalitarian Russia there are not so many options and “straws”, and therefore they are turning, actively turning, giving information and asking for assistance in protecting the rights and returning to freedom of people who took an anti-war position on the territory of the Russian Federation and were subjected to repressions for this is how they received real terms, draconian terms and were unfairly condemned.

– Can you name at least the order of appeals – is it 10 or 100?

– About a hundred. After this information was published, the hotline did not have time to cope with the flow, so now it is all classified and formed into a separate database.

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