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8,700 Afghan Goods Containers Stopped by Pakistan at Karachi Port

The restrictions imposed by Pakistan on the transfer of goods have raised concerns among Afghan traders, as around 8,700 containers carrying commercial goods have come to a halt at the Karachi port, Khaama Press reported on Friday.

According to these businessmen, Pakistan imposes a fine of USD 200 for each container, resulting in significant financial losses for them.

“If the containers are not allowed, we have no choice; we either go to the United Nations or the European Union to solve the issue,” Khan Agha Gulzad, the head of the Afghan Merchants Union in China said.

Meanwhile, Afghan traders have also called upon the Taliban administration to address the issue diplomatically.

“We respectfully request the current administration of Afghanistan to resolve the issue via diplomatic and understanding means. [If it doesn’t happen] this is a very economic blow to Afghanistan’s national businessmen and people,” Zabihullah, a member of the Afghan Merchants Union in China, said.

Furthermore, officials representing the Afghanistan-Pakistan joint chamber have expressed concern over imposing restrictions and creating barriers to transit goods, according to Khaama Press.

They have argued that such actions counter established principles and commercial laws, emphasizing that such practices should be avoided to maintain smooth trade relations between the two countries.

Concurrently, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MoIC) has addressed the challenges posed by goods in transit with Pakistan.

“Unfortunately, what Pakistan is doing is against all international laws. Therefore, we work on alternative ways and reach the goal we have set for ourselves,” Khaama Press quoted MoIC spokesperson Abdulsalam Jawad Akhundzada as saying.

Source : Indian Defense News