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A Group of Republicans in the US Congress Calls for Longer-Range ATACMS for Ukraine

A group of senior Republicans in the US Congress has called on President Joe Biden to send longer-range missiles to Ukraine.

Reuters reports about this, as “European Truth” writes .

In a Nov. 1 letter to President Joe Biden reviewed by the agency, top Republicans on the House Foreign Relations and Armed Services committees said they welcomed the announcement that the administration had provided Ukraine with several Army ATACMS systems. but they ask that he also send more longer-range systems.

“Ukraine’s need for deep-kill capabilities remains urgent, especially to engage targets throughout Crimea,” wrote Reps. Michael McCaul and Mike Rogers and Sens. James Risch and Roger Wicker.

McCaul chairs the House Foreign Relations Committee, Rogers chairs the House Armed Services Committee, Risch is the top Senate Foreign Relations Republican, and Wicker is the top Senate Armed Services Republican.

They sent the letter as the Republican-majority House of Representatives moves closer to voting on a standalone aid bill for Israel, defying Democratic President Joe Biden’s demand for a sweeping $106 billion in national security funding providing money for Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan.

In their letter, US lawmakers noted that Ukraine has requested long-range missiles and has demonstrated the ability to use them responsibly, and Russia has not escalated in response to their use.

“It is clear that the time has come for you to complete work on ATACMS. If you do not, you not only risk stalemate on the battlefield and prolong this war, but you also risk further global instability as our adversaries conduct influence operations around the world “, they wrote.

Earlier in October, President Volodymyr Zelensky said Ukrainian forces used US long-range ATACMS missiles to strike Russian occupier airfields in captured Berdyansk and Luhansk.

This information was subsequently confirmed by the White House . They noted that the United States “recently” provided Ukraine with an ATACMS type capable of striking at a distance of up to 165 kilometers.

According to the New York Times, the United States has now transferred about 20 long-range ATACMS missiles to Ukraine .

Source : Европейская Правда