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Pakistan’s Move to Expel Afghan Refugees Sparks Reactions

The Afghan refugees in Pakistan meanwhile complained of facing severe challenges.

Mumtaz Zahra Baloch, spokesperson of Pakistan’s foreign ministry, in an interview with Pakistani media said the caretaker government’s decision to expel refugees is not limited to Afghan nationals and all undocumented refugees in Pakistan will be subject to the policy.

Baloch added that the United Nations and the international community have the responsibility to provide better conditions of living in Afghanistan so that Afghan refugees can return home in a dignified manner.

She reiterated Pakistan’s position over Afghan soil being used by terrorist groups to operate in Pakistan while adding that they have shared their concern with the Islamic Emirate and asked them to act against the groups.

The Afghan refugees in Pakistan meanwhile complained of facing severe challenges.

“There are some Afghans who are unable (to leave) and the working environment is not paved for them and they don’t have the money to return and are facing various problems,” said Malik Khan, an Afghan refugee.

“The conditions for the Afghan refugees in Pakistan are not facilitated at all due to security, economic and lack of jobs ahead of this long winter,” said Baqir Ahmadi, an Afghan refugee.

Pakistan’s decision to deport over 1.73 million Afghan nationals, who lack legal documents, faced strong reactions at the national and international level.

Former President Hamid Karzai in a statement called the treatment of Afghan refugees by the Pakistani government “inappropriate and against good neighborly behavior.”

Karzai said that the current problems of Pakistan are not linked to Afghan refugees and that they have provided many economic and social benefits to Pakistan.

The former president hoped the Pakistani government would reconsider its decision.

Refugees rights activists said that the Islamic Emirate should engage in direct negotiations with Islamabad to address the challenges of the Afghan refugees.

On Thursday, the acting Minister of Defense, Mullah Mohammad Yaqoob Mujahid, speaking at the 14th graduation ceremony of the police academy in Kabul, condemned the latest decision of Pakistan to expel Afghan refugees by October 31, calling it an “unjust” decision.

Source : Tolo News