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Iran Minister: ‘Taliban Cooperated Well’ With Counter-Terrorism

According to Khatib, Daesh has moved from Syria and Turkey to northern Afghanistan.

Iran’s Intelligence Minister, Sayeed Esmail Khatib, said that the “Taliban” has cooperated well regarding counter-terrorism after taking control of the country, Iranian media reported.

According to Khatib, Daesh has moved from Syria and Turkey to northern Afghanistan.

“After the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan, they cooperated well with us to combat terrorism, perhaps this is a point that is being made for the first time, but the Daesh organization was driven from Syria and Turkey into northern Afghanistan where there are mountainous areas and governments have less access there,” Khatib said.

The former defense minister of Pakistan, Khawaja Muhammad Asif, on the other hand, said that terrorists are entering Pakistan alongside Afghan patients, and he is asking the Islamic Emirate to guarantee Pakistan’s security.

“Ministers and certain Pakistani officials occasionally make such assertions, and such claims have responsibility. Such remarks of the Pakistani authorities will continue, but it will not be without influence on the relations between the two nations,” said Tahir Khan, a Pakistani journalist.

However, the Islamic Emirate’s spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid, rejected these claims about terrorists being smuggled into Pakistan alongside patients, and pledged that Afghanistan’s territory will not be used against any nation.

“They always have a paramedic with them when the patients are in severe condition. How does he have the time to attack? Where does he obtain the tools? Where does he hide himself? Why hasn’t there been an attack from within the hospital up to this point? It is surprising and we reject this,” Mujahid said.

Meanwhile, Zalmay Khalilzad, a former US special representative for the reconciliation of Afghanistan, said on X that the “Taliban are delivering on their commitment in the Doha Agreement to fight ISIS and prevent al-Qaida from using Afghan soil to threaten the security of the US and our allies. This is positive. We must remain vigilant against terror.”

In the meantime , David Ignatius, a columnist for the Washington Post, wrote that “al-Qaeda’s submission has been overseen by the Taliban.”

“Having won power in Kabul, the Taliban has sheltered al-Qaeda but suppressed any foreign operations — and it has attacked ISIS-K as a mortal threat to its rule,” he said.

The Islamic Emirate’s spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid, responded to the report, saying: “There was no opportunity for them to be here or to plan operations when there was a 20-year-long war here, but since the Islamic Emirate has come to power, these threats do not exist, they are not here, and they are not present so that we can operate against them.”

Source : Tolo News