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Afghan Interpreter’s Tears of Joy Over Son’s Visa Decision

A former British Army interpreter and his wife “cried tears of joy” after the Home Office agreed to grant a visa for their three-year-old son.

Sajid, a taxi driver in Greater Manchester, said officials initially blocked his son’s application on financial grounds.

But after the BBC contacted the Home Office the family got a reprieve.

Sajid is now anxiously waiting for Yousuf, who is currently living with his grandparents in Afghanistan.

The father moved to the UK in 2016 where he now works in Oldham.

He visited Afghanistan in 2019 when he got married, and his son Yousuf was born there.

His wife Mena was given a visa to move to the UK but the Home Office refused entry to their child.

As part of the government’s Afghan citizens resettlement scheme – launched in 2022 – people who helped British forces should be granted priority status.

However, Sajid had settled in the UK under a previous scheme, before the Taliban took control of Afghanistan in 2021.

Sajid said he was “extremely disappointed” when Yousuf’s application was rejected, but is now relieved “beyond belief” after an email from the Home Office confirmed his son’s case had been reviewed.

The email, see by the BBC, states: “The decision to refuse your visa application has been overturned and our office will now proceed to the next stage of your application.”


“I’m very, very happy, relieved beyond belief”, Sajid said.

“When I when I told my wife she cried tears of joy, she couldn’t believe it. Once his visa is issued and he’s over here in the UK, we will celebrate then.”

Sajid said that while he was relieved, he felt for the interpreters that did not make it to Britain.

“I feel for all the former interpreters who worked for the British and now they are left behind in Afghanistan at the mercy of the Taliban”, he said.

The Home Office has been contacted for comment.

Source : BBC