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WSJ: Saudi Arabia Organizes Peace Talks on Ukraine. 30 Countries Invited

In Saudi Arabia next week, negotiations are to be held on ending the war in Ukraine, to which representatives of 30 countries of the world have been invited, but without Russia. This was reported by the Wall Street Journal .

The purpose of the meeting is to involve the countries of the Global South, where Russia manages to succeed in the information war, in a peaceful settlement.

The meeting in the city of Jeddah on the Red Sea coast is scheduled for August 5-6.

It will be a continuation of the June meeting in Copenhagen , which was attended by representatives of Brazil, India, Turkey, South Africa.

Indonesia, Egypt, Mexico, Chile and Zambia were invited to Saudi Arabia. Participation has been confirmed by the UK, South Africa, Poland, the European Union, and Jake Sullivan, National Security Adviser to the President of the United States, is expected to attend.

In addition, the choice of Saudi Arabia as a meeting place, according to the interlocutors of the WSJ, is an attempt to involve China in the negotiations. Chinese representatives did not come to the meeting in Copenhagen, but the negotiators hope that the Chinese will still arrive in a more friendly country.

Ukraine and Western officials hope these talks will allow for a peace summit later, before the end of the year , at which world leaders will sign common principles for ending the war and strengthen Ukraine’s position in upcoming talks with Russia.

In Copenhagen, the countries of the Global South said they were ready to discuss common principles, but would not be able to sign the peace formula presented in 2022 by Volodymyr Zelensky.

  • Zelensky said a few weeks ago that Russia could enter into serious negotiations when the Ukrainian Armed Forces were on the threshold of Crimea .
  • Czech President, former NATO General Petr Pavel believes that the starting point for the upcoming negotiations with Russia will be what Ukraine will achieve at the front by the end of this year.
  • The British think tank Chatham House believes that the war cannot be ended through negotiations without eliminating the main cause of the war – Russia’s desire to destroy Ukraine as a state.

Source : Liga