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After the Scandal With Harlan, Ukraine Demands to Deprive the Russian Woman Smirnova of Neutral Status

The Fencing Federation of Ukraine has made a statement that it demands to deprive the Russian fencer Anna Smirnova of neutral status.

Literally : “The Fencing Federation of Ukraine appealed to the International Fencing Federation (FIE) with a demand to exclude the Russian saber fencer Anna Smirnova from the list of neutral athletes due to the latter’s inconsistency with this status and immediately remove her from participating in competitions under the auspices of the FIE.

Anna Smirnova’s activity on Instagram, where she openly demonstrates verbal and non-verbal support for the Russian army, which is a symbol and implementer of aggression against Ukraine, shows that she is by no means a neutral athlete and never has been.”

Details : In the appeal, the National Fencing Federation of Ukraine notes that this is not the first time that the list of neutral athletes includes persons who “act contrary to the peacekeeping mission of the Olympic movement, demonstrating open and active support for the criminal genocide of Russian army soldiers on Ukrainian soil.”

In this regard, the federation insists that “the FIE Executive Committee review the process of granting a neutral status and make it more efficient and transparent for all FIE members.”

Background :

  • On July 26, the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine  stopped boycotting international competitions  with the participation of Russians and Belarusians in a neutral status and allowed Ukrainian athletes to compete in such championships.
  • The suspension will last 60 days.
  • The International Olympic Committee expressed solidarity with Ukrainian athletes and called on international federations to be sensitive when Ukrainian and Russian athletes compete in a neutral status.
  • Harlan, who was disqualified at the World Championships in Italy for refusing to shake hands with a Russian woman, received automatic admission to the 2024 Olympics in Paris.

Source : Українська Правда