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Damage From Kachowka Dam Failure Estimated at 1.2 Billion, London Reconstruction Conference

The destruction of Ukraine’s Kachowka Dam caused an estimated $1.2 billion in damages. A two-day reconstruction conference for Ukraine is taking place in London.

Although the water has receded in the Cherson region, according to Ukrainian sources, one helper was killed and eight others injured by Russian fire in the flooded area. The men had cleared the area of ​​mud at the time of the attack.

“We can go. No exaggeration, that was a layer of mud. I have now rented an apartment on the floor above mine. From my ‘big’ pension” so that I don’t burden anyone.”

Oleksandr Mashukov, resident of Kherson

Volunteers from all over the country are helping in the flooded settlements. They bring humanitarian aid: clothing, food, hygiene items, detergent and soap. The evacuation of those who cannot expect to return to normal life anytime soon continues.

Reconstruction Conference in London

 The focus is on how private companies can be encouraged to invest in Ukraine. As the British government announced, hundreds of international companies have already signaled that they want to participate in the reconstruction of Ukraine.

In order to offer companies more security, the framework for war risk insurance, which is covered by the G7 countries, will be created. On the agenda, for example, is the topic of investment guarantees, with which the risk for companies can be reduced by the state.

However, Kiev should also be obliged to implement reforms, for example to get a grip on corruption in the country.

Danger of mines for agriculture in the flooded areas

The dam collapse has another dangerous consequence for Ukrainian farmers: land mines laid by the Russian occupying forces have been washed away by the flood water. 

So far, large parts of the agricultural land are not safe, now drones are used to spray weed killers. The mines only become visible on bare ground and can then be cleared.

“There were so many tall weeds here that you couldn’t see the mines at all. This field was completely mined over a length of two kilometers.”

Denis, farm worker

Another problem for the farmers is the irrigation of their fields. Without the Kachowka dam, the irrigation systems and their supply channels will remain dry. It could take ten years before the dam, which is vital for the region, is rebuilt and the reservoir is refilled.

Source : Euro News