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Watermelons From Uzbekistan Are Already Available for Exports at Competitive Prices!

According to EastFruit experts from Uzbekistan, the first wholesale batches of new crop watermelons are being shipped to export destinations from the southern regions of the country. This is about 10 days earlier than usual. Shipments are made from Surkhandarya and Kashkadarya regions of Uzbekistan.

Prices for watermelons, according to preliminary information, are formed at the level of about 60 US cents per kg, although today the first offers at a lower price have already begun to appear on the market. This price corresponds with the prices of watermelons, which are shipped to the region from Pakistan.

By the way, in 10 days, Uzbekistan’s horticultural market participants will gather for a unique event about the most advanced digital technologies such as: drones (UAVs), subsurface and impulse drip irrigation, nethouses, bioprotection methods in horticulture, agrovoltaic and much more. The program of the event and the registration form are available at this link (in Russian only).

In 2022 Uzbekistan set an absolute historical record of watermelon exports, shipping aboard about 82 thousand tons of watermelons, and earning more than US $18 million. The previous watermelon export record of 2020 was exceeded almost by twofold. The main markets for Uzbek watermelons were Kazakhstan, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan.

It should be noted that the exports of early melons from Uzbekistan began even earlier – in the first days of May and also started earlier than usual. Prices for early melons in Uzbekistan are now higher than the prices for early watermelons and are about close to US $1 per kg.

Source : EastFruit