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Afghanistan Receives 125 Tons of Humanitarian Aid From Turkmenistan

Kabul [Afghanistan], May 13 (ANI): In order to support Afghanistan amid the ongoing crisis, Turkmenistan has sent 125 tons of humanitarian aid including medicine, medical supplies, food and textile products to the country, Khaama Press reported.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan announced on Thursday the aid being sent to Afghanistan, the people who are living under miserable conditions and are denied basic rights under the hardline regime of the Taliban.

Earlier on Sunday, Serdar Berdimuhamedov, the president of Turkmenistan, signed a decree directing the Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov Charitable Fund to provide children and impoverished Afghan families with humanitarian aid. In the meantime, the ministry has announced that on May 15 a team of medical specialists would travel to Afghanistan and offer consultation services at a maternity hospital in Turgundi village of western Herat province, Khaama Press reported.

The humanitarian contribution is intended to support Afghan families in need and to fortify friendly and fraternal connections between the countries.

Under the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, women and children face significant obstacles related to a lack of resources and access to healthcare. According to Khaama Press, Afghanistan under the Taliban has had the highest maternal mortality rate in the world.

In addition, after seizing control of Afghanistan, the Taliban forbade women from pursuing secondary and higher education as well as employment in the public or private sector, which had a detrimental effect on the nation’s healthcare industry.

In Afghanistan, poverty and hunger have significantly increased since the Taliban retook control of the country in August 2021.

Afghanistan was the world’s biggest and worst humanitarian disaster at the beginning of the year. Both in terms of quantity and intensity, this signifies a drastic decline.

Humanitarian organisations have repeatedly urged the international world to continue to stand in solidarity with the Afghan people and assist them during these trying times.

Aid organisations and humanitarian organisations have remained committed to continuing to provide their life-saving support to the people of Afghanistan in 2023, despite the restrictions imposed by the Taliban de facto government, particularly on women and girls. (ANI)

Source : ThePrint