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5 Scenic Road Trips In GCC

There is something about road trips that makes them special. Maybe just the fact that you can get up one fine day and decide to load your car with snacks and hit the road makes the idea of a road trip so much fun. But what makes the road trip really special is a long scenic path that rejuvenates the soul like no other thing. In a road trip of life, it is after all the path that matters more than the destination. 

So, on that note, let us look at the most scenic road trip routes in the GCC. So fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a drive. 

Let’s Hit The Road!

Dubai to Muscat

From one gorgeous beach destination to another, Dubai to Muscat road trip is one every traveler should undertake. Starting from the skyscrapers of Dubai, you move on to a very beautiful desert which then transforms into a beautiful monochrome landscape of Muscat. 

The distance from Dubai to Muscat is just 450 km and takes no longer than 5 hours of drive. So, for your next long weekend trip, you know what to do!

If you plan a road trip during the summer months you may get lucky and spot some turtles at Ras Jinz on the south coast.

Bahrain to Kuwait

With a distance of approximately 500 km, the distance between Bahrain and Kuwait is met in 5 hours. And these 5 hours are that of complete bliss. The road trip begins with picture-perfect scenes of the Arabian sea along the King Fahad Causeway. From one breathtaking scene to another, you move to the bright-shiny desert that fills your eyes with pure joy. The butter-smooth roads only elevate the experience. 

Dammam to Muscat

The trip from Dammam to Muscat is gorgeous enough to satiate every roadie or a road-trip lover! With 1265 km this route is one of the longest routes suggested in the blog, however, the blog would have been incomplete without mentioning this route. What makes it special and worth mentioning is that the route is filled with scenic coastal towns which slowly transform into mountain ranges with nature reserves that reward with bird watching opportunities and many other activities. 

Amman to Wadi Rum

A road-trip from an ancient city rich with human history to the village with a rich natural history, this route is one of a kind. Encounter mighty sandstone mountains, jagged river beds and sharp gorges, complete with a kaleidoscope of naturally colored rock formations. The route is only 325 km and takes approximately 4 hours. 

Abu Dhabi to Al Gharbia 

Caution: This route will blow even a skilled roadie. Not only is the route filled with dramatic scenery but it also provides an adventure off-roading experience. All of 210 km, the route takes around 3 hours to cover the distance and offers exhilarating scenes of magnificent sand dunes, long coastline & scenic beaches. And with a myriad of ancient fort dotting the route, the thrill is elevated manifold! This road trip also has amazing rewards at the destination as Al Gharbia is home to UAE’s rare wildlife. 

So get ready for another adventure and another road-trip. Remember just two things – Fuel up the tank and load up the snacks, and you are set!

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