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The first female pilot of Tajikistan has flown more than a thousand hours

In addition to International Women’s Day, Mother’s Day is celebrated on March 8 in Tajikistan . The beautiful half of humanity successfully works in all areas. The first female pilot of a passenger liner appeared in the country, reports MIR 24 correspondent Abubakr Fayzulloev.

Fragile, but with iron nerves, a true professional. So colleagues say about the pilot Tatyana Afentyeva. She is the only one in Tajikistan who operates a passenger plane. She started out as a flight attendant.

“One fine day I went into the cockpit and saw a girl at the helm. She was a foreign trainee. It gave me a pleasant shock. Since 2012, I have been thinking about how to make my dream come true,” said co-pilot Tatyana Afentyeva.

The dream began to come true when Tatyana entered the Sasovo Flight School in Russia. Her romance with the sky has been going on for more than 10 years. During this time, Tatyana has flown over a thousand hours. He says the most interesting thing is takeoff and landing.

“I like to go to Vnukovo airport in Moscow. When you fly over the forest to the runway 24 for landing, there is a village, a forest and a runway. My favorite route is the flight from Dushanbe, when you fly to the north and see the snow-capped mountains,” shared the co-pilot.

At work, Tatyana is surrounded by men. They do not look down on her, they communicate on an equal footing.

“I explained to her that when landing on the runway, there is a wind shear and you need to be more careful. I explain the moments that happen in the life of a pilot. She takes all the information at once, she is a competent specialist, it is pleasant to fly with her, the girl on the right is always pleasant, ”says the commander of the ship Parviz Kulmukhamedov.

Tatyana Afentyeva celebrated her first thousand at home with a traditional cake. That’s how it is in aviation.

“For me, my mother baked a cake, candles and wished that in the future I would add one more zero, that is, grow to 10 thousand,” said co-pilot Tatyana Afentyeva.

Tatyana Afentyeva’s schedule includes Moscow, Dubai, Beijing, Munich. It performs several flights a week. The co-pilot spends more time in the sky than on the ground.

Source : mir.24.tv