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Afghan Humanitarian Fund Established by OIC

The OIC called on the Islamic Emirate to abide by Islamic principles and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) held an extraordinary meeting of its Foreign Ministers on Sunday in Islamabad where they discussed the economic, political, and humanitarian situation in Afghanistan.  

A draft resolution was passed to start a humanitarian trust fund to channel humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan. The member states agreed to “establish a Humanitarian Trust Fund, under the aegis of the Islamic Development Bank, to serve as a vehicle to channel humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan including in partnership with other international actors,” the resolution reads.  

The body urged the Islamic Development Bank to operationalize the trust fund by the first quarter of 2022 to accelerate the provision of humanitarian assistance to the people of Afghanistan. 

The member states also stated that forming an inclusive government structure and adopting moderate domestic and foreign policies are necessary for durable peace and security in Afghanistan.

Foreign ministers at the OIC also called on the Islamic Emirate to ensure meaningful participation of women in social and political life, and to uphold human rights–especially rights of women, children and minorities.

The OIC “calls upon the Afghan authorities to continue to work towards greater inclusiveness and including by developing a roadmap to strengthen participation of all Afghans including women and girls to participate in all aspects of the Afghan society,” the draft resolution reads.   

The Islamic countries also called on the Islamic Emirate to combat terrorism and ensure that Afghanistan’s territory is not used as a safe haven for terrorist groups. It also condemned the attacks claimed by Daesh.  

The draft resolution says that the assembly  “calls upon Afghanistan to take concrete steps against all terrorist organizations, in particular Al-Qaeda, Deash and its affiliates, ETIM, and TTP.” 

The participants said that an economic meltdown could lead to mass migration of Afghans, an increase of terrorism activities, and instability with dire consequences for the region. They urged the international community to provide urgent humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan.  

The OIC also decided to open a mission in Kabul. The draft resolution says that it “requests the General Secretariat to take immediate steps to reinforce the OIC Mission in Kabul with human, financial and logistical resources, enabling it to forge global partnerships and streamline aid operations on the ground.” 

The draft resolution also called for the unfreezing of Afghan assets to avert a humanitarian crisis in the country.  

The OIC resolution called on OIC member states, Islamic financial institutions, donors, and international partners to support the trust fund for Afghanistan.  

To better coordinate humanitarian support, the OIC appointed Tariq Ali Bakheet, the assistant secretary general for humanitarian and cultural affairs, as the OIC secretary general’s special envoy for Afghanistan. 

Source : Tolo News